WHY valslist?

Because everyone has a story…

Lost track? Welcome back.
Love good music but lost touch with the music scene? Career, family, studies take up all your time? Tune into valslist for a library of music that is off the charts – literally. We have new tunes that sound like your old stuff, covers and classic hits, and world music that will wow you. valslist: It’s time.

Think you’ve heard it all? Let us surprise you.
For music hobbyists and students boasting multiple hard drives packed with mp3s… valslist will take you way beyond regular radio to find new tunes. Branch out and expand your music playground. valslist: Discover something new.

Your iPod needs us.
Is your iPod still in the box? Do you rely on your kids to download music for you? valslist will help you fill your iPod with current sounds that fit your style. We find songs, package them into playlists, and make them available for download through our iTunes link. valslist: We work so you can play.

Improve your image & your state of mind.
Like to be the first to have it? You will impress your friends, your kids, and your colleagues when you play our cutting edge music. Improve your music knowledge and credibility and they’ll all look at you differently. valslist: You’ve arrived.

You say, “They don’t make music like they used to.”
Don’t have new music and don’t care? In love with your oldies? Take a chance with valslist and find out what the buzz is all about. We’ll introduce you to music that is a new twist on your old classics. Take it at your own pace. valslist: Try us. Trust us.