Val, I have to tell you, you’ve become quite the “media target.” I’m an independent publicist working with all kinds of artists and my clients are ALL requesting that I send you music. : )

MIKE, Los Angeles publicist

…immensely enjoy her rather eclectic mix of music…


We’re looking for more. Computers can’t tell us what we like, we need humans. Like Val…. A trusted site.

BOB LEFSETZ: (“One of the music industry’s most influential analysts…” Washington Post)

valslist is a haven for busy adults in search of great new tunes. Like a ‘music concierge’ valslist handpicks music that boomers will love and their kids will envy.


Val is a highly respected tastemaker always uncovering new, exciting music – very hip – I’m thrilled to be included in the list. Check out Valslist.com.

SKY KEEGAN, songwriter/artist/producer

Val is a curator of music […] I think this is a brilliant idea. If you’re like me and not too good at being “up” on all the cool new bands (or even if you are), I highly recommend Val.

KATHLEEN SMITH, singer/songwriter

Finally! A new boutique music website that makes it easy to discover and download the best tunes. You’ll never have to ask your kids for help again – in fact, they’ll be asking you where you got the great music!


The beauty of this list is that Val created a site that optimizes your iTunes player. Whether you have no idea what you’re looking for or you’re thinking of themes, Val has you covered with multiple playlists to fit your need. I enjoy having a filter of items that can direct me to the best music while allowing me to still use the platform that I prefer, iTunes.


…an excellent music boutique website for people who need help picking new music. Check valslist.com out, whether you’re looking to buy some new tunes, or if you just want to browse…Valerie Haller has a very trustworthy ear and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

BRIAN MARTIN, musician, singer/songwriter

valslist has saved me so much time – you’ve introduced me to new artists and songs I never would have found on my own.

BEN, user from NYC

what a cool freaking website and great idea – AND it looks AWESOME!! Thanks for including me on it – i love it when music enthusiasts enjoy what i do!

DAVID BARNES, singer/songwriter

I faithfully read, watch and listen. I have loved seeing ur talent soar along with ur fav artists.

SARAH, user from Chicago

I love getting your emails! I am so impressed… Someday I’ll actually pay better attention to music – until then, I feel as if I’m learning about music from you the same way I learn about books by reading the NYTimes book review.

GIERIET, user from Winnetka, IL

Thank you for putting me on your list. Your enthusiasm and knowledge puts a big smile on my face. I love what you do.

LINDA, user from Florida

We are very familiar with your site – we love it at the label and are all subscribers!

ERIN BARNES, Publicist United Interests

What an ULTRA COOL site!


You might think of her like the friend who used to make mix tapes of cool music you probably would never have found on your own, only now she’s making carefully crafted playlists. […] So go get your free song and discover some great new music while you’re at it!

DAVE SILLS, singer/songwriter

Love your newsletter – looks great and wonderful content, esp your observations. And you are bringing new light to music – so keep up what you’re doing!

SKY KEEGAN, singer/songwriter

valslist is an amazing web site with song sets, and that’s a lot like old time radio, except that it links into iTunes.

ANNE LEIGHTON, music publicist

Thanks for all you do for emerging songwriters!

EMILY HURD, singer/songwriter

I love the site. You can tell it was put together with a lot of love and a really clear focus.


It’s an easy answer Val, you provide the music we listen to, and we provide the apparatus to which we listen to your wonderful selections!!!!

STEVE AZZATO, Photographer Chicago

So glad you have created this – women need it – I know I do.

FELICE SHAPIRO, owner/founder of betterafter50.com

You’ve got something really great going on here… I’ll be back again and again.

ALLY MacLEOD, singer/songwriter

Val, to the opportunities for fun music nights out you constantly provide so many people – I am grateful to you, thanks!

SALLY, user from Chicago