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Val Interviews JOHN OATES (Hall&Oates) during House Concert

“I host house concerts in my living room about once a month. They’re a very special, intimate concert up close and personal with the artist. At my house it’s all about the music, and artist and fan get to know each other. I’ve hosted emerging artists such as Jann Klose, Micaela Kingslight, Colin Gilmore and Don Sozzi. I’ve hosted artists whose music careers are taking off full speed ahead such as Andrew Belle, Zach Heckendorf and Communist Daughter. And I’ve hosted known artists such as Crystal Bowersox (Am Idol) and John Oates (Hall & Oates.) John’s show was a blast – 135 people were in my backyard, and his opening line was “Let’s go back to the 70’s, shall we?”

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